Docmation provides a foundation of information management and analytic capabilities to deliver insights about the past, present and future to help organizations capitalize on Big Data to improve their operations and compete more effectively through our Big Data Solutions. In today’s data-to-data world, breakthroughs occur when different types of information intersect: structured and unstructured; internal to an organization or external. We help to leverage internal information assets, augmented by external information sources, to gain competitive advantage.

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Customer Intelligence

Identify your best prospects, improve retention and give every customer a better personalized experience through insights on customers and their buying behaviors.

Are you listening to your customers?
Gain insights that will help you deliver relevant, personalized interactions to customers over a lifetime, not just at the point of purchase.
Technology has influenced more than how we do business — it has also dramatically changed consumer behavior. Through Web traffic, social interactions, transactions, pictures and posts, customers are telling us every day how to serve them more effectively, what they value and what leads them to act.

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Customer IntelligenceX

Customer intelligence is embedded in every corner of your company. Finding it is easy enough; turning it into actionable insights isn’t. The data that needs to be sifted and analyzed is immense, infinitely variable and scattered across the enterprise and the Internet. You need to know the right questions to ask and the right methods to apply — skills that are hard to find. And, you need to turn answers into outcomes by integrating new insights into your business processes

Docmation Customer Intelligence helps you mine the data throughout your organization for key insights.

 By applying big data tools and data science to your data, we’ll help you examine customer interactions across a broad range of channels inside and outside the company. You’ll identify your best prospects, improve retention and give every customer a better experience. You’ll get insights that will help you deliver relevant, personalized interactions to customers over a lifetime, not just at the point of purchase.

 Our Customer Intelligence Analytics solution is implemented using a proven methodology.

Is it worth it? Recent studies say it is. Data-driven customer retention programs can increase overall company sales by as much as 50 percent. Repeat customers spend a third more than new ones. And customers who use social media will tell an average of 42 other people about their great experience.

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Social Media

Monitor, measure, analyze, insights

In the fast changing environment of digital and social media, consumers’ preferences are reshaping business priorities. Marketers need to keep pace and engage with consumers on their preferred media. Marketing leaders need to invest in the right mix of people, platforms and process to create business impact. Marketing needs to reinvent itself to monitor, measure, analyze and drive through insights. And the good news is that instrumentation and measurement are built in from the ground up in digital marketing platforms.

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Social MediaX

Social Media Analytics delivers powerful customer insight

 Social Media Analytics is a powerful tool for discovering customer sentiment from millions of online sources. Businesses are using the power of social media to gain a better understanding of their markets. However, they need deep analytics expertise to transform this “Big Data” into actionable insight. Docmation’s Social Media Analytics can help you harness social data and take decisive action across the enterprise. From identifying new patterns and trends for your product development team, to protecting your brand image and micro-segmenting customers to refine marketing campaigns, or targeting prospective new hires for HR, and to improving the overall customer experience – Docmation’s Social Media Analytics can help your business.

  • Capture consumer data from social media to understand attitudes, opinions and trends, and manage your online reputation
  • Predict customer behavior and improve customer satisfaction by anticipating customer needs and recommending next best actions
  • Create customized campaigns and promotions that resonate with social media participants
  • Identify the primary influencers within specific social network channels and target them with unique offers

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Business Analytics

The convergence of enterprise data systems means data can be captured, quantified, explored and used to identify new revenue streams, enrich existing revenue streams and optimize business performance.

Whether from Systems of Record or Systems of Engagement, today’s enterprises are continuously inundated with more data than they know what to do with—certainly more than they can reasonably afford to store and manage. Much of this data is discarded or inaccessible, thereby eliminating the prospect of gleaning any future business insights from it. In today’s data-rich world, insight overlooked often translates into opportunity missed.

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Business AnalyticsX

Data-first enterprises are building an entirely new class of advanced analytics application — Systems of Insight — to capitalize on their data and create new opportunities.

Single Customer View: Today customers generate more data than ever before as they research, purchase and use a company’s products or services. By bringing together all information about a customer, including new data types such as clickstream, geo-location and social, organizations can better understand, anticipate and meet customer needs.

Predictive Analytics: Past is prelude. Historical data provides signals that indicate what may happen in the future. By understanding signals coming from machines and sensors, server logs and other new data sources, organizations can predict future events and become more proactive.

Data Discovery: Our Business analysts use Hadoop to explore new data types and large data sets that were previously too big to capture, store and process. They unlock insights from data such as clickstream, geo-location, sensor, server log, social, text and video data.

This new data enriches existing analytic applications with new perspectives and insights. New data also drives the creation of innovative new apps that provide new value to the business.

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Controlled Document Management System for Contract Manufacturer

Client is a leading Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization(CDMO) serving the pharmaceutical industry and offering its customers with a wide range of comphrehensive services beginning from the development through the manufacturing of a variety of drugs. Providing outsourced services to the pharmaceutical market involved organizing and integrating issues. In order to streamline the process and to offer its services in a more coherent and standardized manner, the client opted for a rapid expansion.

Services Case Study