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Community Strategy and Roadmap

Communities have been a critical part of the agenda for organizations with tremendous growth. It is reported by Gartner that a community should be ready for failure if you have not actively worked on community strategy.


Community Strategy and Roadmap Solutions

Do you want to transform your customer, partner or employee experience but don’t know how to make it happen? Our Communities Solution Architects and Community Experts will collaborate with your business to understand your needs, and lay out a detailed plan to engage your community.

Our team of experts will not only give form to your vision, but help you execute with actionable initiatives that will increase end-user adoption.


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Realize your Community Goals

After identifying coherent goals and a strategy, our community cloud advisers will inline targets with priorities, breakdown and schedule the community module rollouts, and set enhancements.

Our team will directly connect you with latest sales force community technology and set best practices to build custom lightning components for deployment and implementation.

We Ensure it’s a Thriving Community

For a social platform to be successful, it needs relevant content, topics, and informative discussions to make a highly engaged community.

Docmation puts the emphasis on developing a fundamental strategy to build a community which thrives on increased collaboration and engagement. It takes a smart approach with your team in engagement planning by monitoring informative content, evaluating and optimizing with actionable insights to drive growth.

Tap into our Experience and Expertise

Years of experience and focus have shaped our deep expertise in Salesforce Communities. Our ability to apply that expertise to various customer challenges allows our work to evolve, and strengthen.

We have enhanced and modified Salesforce out of the box components to build advanced communities to improve customer engagement and increase the productivity of administrators.

Tap into our experience and expertise

Integrating Documentum On-Premise Platform with Salesforce Cloud CRM

Our client, a leading global pharmaceutical client, has Medical Information & Communication (MIC) group and Customer Interaction Center (CIC) group for managing the inquiries pertaining to their products from Health Care Professional’s (HCP’s) and Consumers.