Webinar: Measuring Salesforce Communities – Metrics & ROI

Thinking to build exceptional lightning components for self-service communities?

Download the whitepaper to get an in-depth first-hand information on how to leverage Salesforce lightning framework to develop custom lightning components in building innovating ways for connecting and engaging customers for a geographically diversified global organization offering regional specific products and services.

This whitepaper provides you valuable insights in developing event-driven and responsive communities delivering a consolidated and regional self-service community solution. Additionally, this solution have been helping our customers to have 360 degrees vision of customer engagement.

What’s inside

  • Highlighted challenges in offering self-serving information using a default template.
  • You will learn what custom lightning components can deal with modern challenges withholding communities evolution.

This eBook Presents Insights-Driven Strategy to Increase Community Engagement

The eBook illustrates a detailed strategy to increase community participants, explains how to keep the momentum of collaboration and engagement with trending topics. Moreover, it share insights on how to encourage employees to share expert ideas and resolutions for better productivity, how to facilitate customers to answer new potential buyers’ questions, and how leverage self-service.

Salesforce Experts at Docmation attribute these below factors as most common issues for a drop in community engagement.

  • Not having measurable goals
  • Unclear communication with participants about the purpose of a community
  • Discussions and shared content not pertaining to company’s aims and offerings.
  • Users don’t see content and interaction among the members

To learn more, Download Salesforce Communities Engagement Playbook

A Definite Guide to Build Online Community that Widens Branding, and Grows Business

It is being found that many companies suffer from building a successful community. It is the poor planning and incoherent approach in creating communities that keep the business traction and employees productivity far away from companies.

The typical issues found while building communities are as following. Because of these issues, communities end up with “Empty Bar Syndrome”, and users never show interest to participate.


  •  No clear goal
  •  No cohesion of modern strategy and
  •  No relevancy and unfriendly navigation
  •  Lack of executive vision

Would you like to learn more about the issues? Download the Salesforce Playbook