Salesforce offers business automation solutions making your business operations highly effective and help your employees enhance their productivity levels. Docmation makes Salesforce solutions easy to implement and adapt. Here are the Salesforce business solutions that can benefit your organization.

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Salesforce Automation

Put Docmation’s years of experience and implementations to work for you and achieve maximum results. While every organization’s sales requirements will be unique, many face similar challenges. Let Docmation help you get sales force automation (SFA) right.

Empower your sales staff to boost effectiveness with CRM tools that support and optimize processes

To truly optimize your sales program, you need to provide your salespeople with the appropriate CRM tools. However, achieving maximum results requires more than simply implementing a CRM system. It also requires user adoption and proper use of the program, among other key actions.

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In order to help organizations identify the next steps for moving their sales programs forward, Docmation has created the CRM implementation framework. This framework was created based on our experience and best practices and is designed to help organizations achieve:

  • Boost Sales Productivity: Enable effective collaboration and team selling to streamline the sales cycle.
  • Gain Real-Time Visibility: Pipeline visibility to help better understand and prioritize prospects and opportunities
  • Improve Customer Relationships: Long-term relationships to help increase customer and partner loyalty to improve satisfaction and revenue
  • Efficient Accounts Management: Create a holistic view of all accounts and their contacts with related activities in a single view.

Contact Docmation today to learn how our Salesforce Automation solution can help you to optimize your sales program and achieve maximum results.

Marketing Automation

In today’s digital marketplace, leading marketing teams are using marketing automation strategy to gain an edge on their competition. Docmation’s marketing automation consulting services help organizations evaluate, plan, implement, and optimize their unique use of Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Never leave another great lead behind.

Marketing automation implementation is the first step, but having a sound strategy with tailored, engaging content is vital to the strength of your marketing automation campaigns. Those who have mastered marketing automation and lead nurturing have found that there are many marketing automation benefits, including:

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  • Improvement in marketing and sales alignment: More than half of qualified leads are not ready to purchase immediately and the average sales cycle has increased 22% over the past 5 years due to more decision makers being involved in the buying process. However, companies that have invested in marketing automation solutions see 70% faster sales cycle times. Sales will appreciate the higher quality leads being passed onto them from marketing, and it’s less likely that sales will ignore these marketing generated leads.
  • Save costs while increasing efficiency: Since marketing automation offers a one-stop shop with an easy-to-navigate interface, Gartner estimates that companies who implement marketing automation will see a 15% savings on creative production and 5% reduction in marketing waste.

Marketing automation implementation is part of a bigger solution.

With Docmation’s marketing automation consulting, you will discover there is fuel needed to leverage marketing automation’s full potential, which includes having a strategy around:

  • Content development
  • Lead generation
  • Email deliverability
  • Process and training

 Contact Docmation today to learn how our Marketing Automation solution can help you to optimize your marketing program and achieve maximum results.

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Service Automation

Service Cloud is easy to use, fosters collaboration, brings all your support issues into one place – no matter where they came from, and is accessible from anywhere – even on smart phones and tablets, plus Service Cloud completely removes your IT administration and infrastructure burdens.

Deliver amaizing service with the World’s #1 customer service app.

Build customer loyalty. Increase first call resolution and agent productivity. Improve customer satisfaction by 37%. All while delivering fast customer service from anywhere with Service Cloud, built on the Salesforce1 Platform.

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 Operating on the front line, Customer Service is where human interactions happen. Customer service leaders want to deliver a frictionless customer experience whatever the touch point. Responsible for the “experienced” brand, you engage customers across new media and traditional channels. You are a collaboration conductor with a unique opportunity to capture customer knowledge and inform innovative ideas across the business.

 Docmation enables you with cloud technologies, processes, and training to engage your customers and employees. Docmation’s team of expert cloud developers and product specialists are focused on Salesforce cloud platforms and APIs to provide professional implementations.


Use Analytics Cloud to Find Insights within Your Data

Our strong background in BI ,Big Data and ERP combined with Salesforce Analytics Cloud experience positions Docmation as a highly valued partner of Salesforce Analytics Cloud provides an innovative solution on a revolutionary cloud analytic platform. Salesforce Analytics Cloud is in a unique position to empower customers with a new level of business intelligence horsepower.

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With Salesforce Wave, aka Analytics Cloud, businesses can analyze data from sources outside their Salesforce org (like SAP or Oracle or other Salesforce orgs), at volumes never before possible (like 100’s of millions of rows). Analytics Cloud was built mobile-first, so users in the field immediately get a beautiful, interactive mobile experience.

Salesforce Analytics Cloud will allow customers to easily interact and explore data to arrive at answers that lead to faster business decisions and actions.

Re-Engineering One of World’s Largest Digital Archive & Delivery Platform

Client is a leading digital preservation services organization in the world, archives the largest and broadest collection of E-Journals, E-Books and other Digital Content (Digital newspapers, images and other primary sources vital to research) of any third-party preservation archive.

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