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Docmation makes it easier to implement Salesforce with its expert technology services. Whether you are looking for dedicated consultation or only want supervisory support, our technology services cater to all your needs. Here is a brief of our services and how we can assist you based on your requirements.

Sales Automation
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Service Automation

Managed Services

Leverage your Salesforce CRM investment. Get your support needs taken care of quickly and cost effectively. Whether you’ve just deployed or have been live with Salesforce CRM for some time, Docmation understands that to best leverage your investment in your people, processes and CRM solution, you need cost-effective and skilled support that can take care of your needs right now. Our Managed Support plan provides you added speed and confidence towards achieving your goals.

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Let’s face it, moving to a new CRM system will mean some level of adjustment to your company’s culture, at least to your sales team’s day-to-day jobs. Especially for companies who are vetting CRM products for the first time. That’s why so many of our clients have found that our Admin On Demand service was the best choice to fill the temporary void of the ‘Admin’ role and ensure a smooth ‘stabilization period’ after go-live.

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Managed Services


Companies use to win more deals, track opportunities, and manage sales in real time. But, implementation, reporting, ongoing modifications, administration all require care and attention. The push pull of support resources can mean that does not fulfill the promise.

Expertise is learned over time but results and insights are needed now.  More and more, companies are leveraging a flexible resource approach called Managed Services to meet their needs— sometimes a lot of attention, while other times minimal support will do.

It has to be more than the just system support to get everything hitting on all cylinders.  Companies should look for a partner that has both sales management and expertise. After all, technology is only one part of the equation.

Contact Docmation today to learn how Docmation can help you become a customer centric organization using Salesforce’s Service Cloud platform.

What is Managed Services? Managed Services delivers experienced know-how of:

  • The system
  • Report and dashboard development
  • Sales management
  • Data management
  • Financial management
  • System and administrative management services

The above services are offered using a flexible support model to provide on demand resources for what you need. Thus, the Managed Services approach eliminates the cost of a full-time equivalent resources and a steep learning curve of the ins and outs of

Why the Managed Service approach works.

  • Provides Flexibility-Tailored to support the need day-in and day-out as well as on special requests.
  • Sales Process Optimization-Immediate and ongoing gains from of an experienced resource.
  • Reduced Firefighting-An experienced resource means fire drills become manageable.
  • Manage Cost-Pay for what you need, not a full time with service with limited experiences.

Manage Service wraps together expertise with flexibility.
Companies always need a hand with:

  1. Sales process – Hands-on experience managing a sales function, not just system support.
  2. Contact mapping-Complicated customers are the norm when you have seen it all.  Adjustments often required as users gain experience.
  3. Reporting and Dashboard development-Ongoing reports are table stakes. Just in time and specific business dashboards are perpetually in demand.
  4. Tricks and shortcuts- Ensure adoption when you can deploy battle tested shortcuts.
  5. Ongoing administration-Keep security and access well managed to prevent exposure and loss.

Contact Docmation today to learn how our Managed Services can help you maximize your investment in Salesforce CRM.


We offer an on-demand service for your ongoing Salesforce maintenance and admin work. What does that mean? You have no monthly minimum and you only pay for what you use. So not only is your quality of support higher, but you will end up paying less too!

Key Highlights

  1. Fast and Affordable: With a team in the US and an offshore team in India, you get service 24 hours a day during the working week. With Docmation’s onshore/offshore model you get the best customer experience with dramatic time and cost advantages.
  2. Flexible and Transparent Payment Terms : You can keep an eye on daily time logs to make sure things are progressing and that you truly only pay for what you use. Get the benefit of a single invoice monthly for both the onshore and offshore hours spent, plus flexible payment terms.
  3. Services Offered:
  4. Salesforce Admin On Demand – for a small business we can completely replace your need for an on staff Salesforce Admin
  5. Salesforce customization support – Best suited for clients looking for a more complex and full implementation for multiple business processes or more complex projects involving deep development
  6. development – Mansa has deep platform expertise. If you need something custom developed we can do it. If you can imagine it, we can develop it.
  7. User/Admin training – remote or onsite training
  8. Best Practices – review your business processes and provide the recommendations on how best to use Salesforce

Contact Docmation today to learn how our On-Demand Services can help you maximize your investment in Salesforce.

Consulting’s CRM system is a very feature-rich and flexible application that helps businesses streamline and automate processes to effectively and efficiently succeed in a competitive sales market. Whether your company has been using Salesforce® for years or are starting a new implementation, Docmation can guide you in both technical implementation as well as adopting best practices in using a sales and marketing automation.

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Advisory:  Our Salesforce Consultants understand Salesforce and, more than that, seek to understand your business needs, pain points and success factors. We work with you to determine the implementation’s purpose and assess the right path to achieve it. Docmation’s strategists bring together technology expertise, functional experience, and a deep understanding of the way people work to help enterprises transform relationships with their customers, partners and workforce.

Salesforce Implementation:  Through a highly collaborative and iterative approach, Docmation’s Our Certified Salesforce Consultants  break down information silos and organizational barriers to create consensus around current pain points and desired future state. With our expertise and best practices from cloud transformation projects, we then turn that desired future state into a concrete set of technical and process requirements that ensure the success of even the most complex deployments. We leverage our collective experience, industry best practices and agile methodology to make your Salesforce Implementation a grand success.


Custom Salesforce Development: Our Certified Salesforce Developers can transcend beyond its out-of-box tools. If any of your business needs are not achievable through Salesforce “click and not code“, our seasoned Salesforce Developers can write custom APEX or VisualForce code. Be it creating custom logic, user interfaces, embedding custom process, our Salesforce Development team delivers.

Salesforce Integration: Enterprises are adopting more and more cloud applications. As cloud adoption accelerates, integrating SaaS applications with existing on-premise applications or other cloud applications is emerging as a huge concern. Enterprises use a myriad of approaches from point-to-point integrations using custom code, to hub-and-spoke integrations, to real-time integrations using an enterprise service bus.

But most customers find it challenging to choose the right approach and have limited resources to implement complex integrations. That’s where Docmation’s experts come in. Our team combines expertise with traditional middleware, cloud middleware and cloud APIs to help you develop the right integration strategy and architecture for your cloud applications.

Salesforce Support: We offer Salesforce Support even after the Salesforce Implementation goes live. We offer Custom Salesforce Support Packages that are designed around your business needs and help keep you updated, live and running.

Salesforce Training: We provide Salesforce Training for SalesCloud, ServiceCloud, Salesforce1 platform deployments and more. Our training methods are carefully-crafted and are geared to any level of Salesforce user.

Contact Docmation today to learn how Docmation can help end-to-end with your Salesforce roll-out needs.

Integrating Documentum On-Premise Platform with Salesforce Cloud CRM

Our client, a leading global pharmaceutical client, has Medical Information & Communication (MIC) group and Customer Interaction Center (CIC) group for managing the inquiries pertaining to their products from Health Care Professional’s (HCP’s) and Consumers.

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See how Leading Global Pharmaceutical Company uses Docmation


Our Clients Says

Throughout the process, they carefully explained dozens of points, our solutions options, and their recommendations for simplifying workflows so that sequences would make intuitive sense to our employees and be easy for new recruits to learn as well. We could not be more pleased with the results
tct-logo Thomas TwinCities Tutoring
Throughout the process, they carefully explained dozens of points, our solutions options, and their recommendations for simplifying workflows so that sequences would make intuitive sense to our employees and be easy for new recruits to learn as well. We could not be more pleased with the results
tct-logo Thomas TwinCities Tutoring

Leading organizations trust Docmation's capabilities

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Success Stories

Our client, a leading global pharmaceutical client, has Medical Information & Communication (MIC) group and Customer Interaction Center (CIC) group.

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